David Charvet • "The Meeting Magician"
"In The Business of Entertaining Business"™ •  Since 1974

  If It's Laughter You're After....

     David Charvet combines clean comedy, baffling magic and audience participation to create an entertainment experience your group will long remember.



"A true professional at his craft..."

Your group has had a hectic day. Meetings, seminars and business. You've all sat down to a fine meal and have had time to relax. Now the entertainment had better be good - after all, the success of the evening could depend on it - and it's your responsibility.


The room lights dim, a spotlight focuses on the platform as the host introduces DAVID CHARVET, internationally-recognized entertainer. Sit back and get ready to have fun!

You'll laugh as a member of your group becomes a "magician" with hilarious results. And when unusual things start to happen, the "magician" is just as amazed as the audience!

Clean, situational comedy keeps the audience laughing, while baffling illusions build the suspense. And after Charvet's final bow, your group will know they've seen a true professional at his craft.

In addition, your group's message may be woven seamlessly into the show if desired, highlighting important points or recognizing significant individuals. Want the CEO to appear or disappear? Levitate? Get sawed in two? David can do it! Charvet's performance is completely adaptable to all ages. Fully self-contained, he brings everything including lights and sound if needed. David Charvet can perform anywhere a group gathers - from 5 people to 5,000.



Take a few minutes to look over this site and then contact David Charvet for a no-obligation, personal consultation to learn how he can bring"The Magic Touch" to your next meeting or event, just as he has for hundreds of other groups around the world. You'll be glad to join the millions of people who have been entertained by Charvet!


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